Friday, March 12, 2010

Our Last Stop in Sacatepequez: Sumpango

Photos by, used with authorization.
During the colonial times, the Kakchiquel town of Tzun-pen, once converted into the Christianism was dedicated to Saint Augustine Bishop and the name changed to San Agustin Tzumpango. As time went by, probably to make the pronunciation and writing easier, in 1825 when the town was formally integrated to the Department of Sacatepequez, the official name was registered as we now it these days: Sumpango.
For the visit we did to Santiago Sacatepequez a couple of weeks ago, we already know about the Giant Kites Festival that occurs every November 1 to commemorate the Day of the Dead. I am bringing the same theme one more time, because even though the Santiago's festival is the one officially acknowledged as the original,  it is Sumpango's  celebration the one that has become famous all over the world.
The reason is simple: location. It turns out that the cemetery is next to a large open space, right before the Pan American highway and it is easier to get there, to park, and to walk around... Additionally, you are not going to feel like you are disturbing the peace of the graves in the cemetery. 
Nevertheless, don't miss the opportunity to take a look of the graves, they are beautifully decorated and the rituals that take place in the cemetery can be appreciated at its best.
About the giant kites, certainly the main attraction, what else can I tell you? Only a last recommendation, enjoy this video, it is a good production where we can appreciate these works of art in detail.

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