Friday, March 5, 2010

The Best of Antigua Guatemala: The Antigüeños

What is that magic ingredient capable to convert a place into a town? People. And today, saying goodbye to Antigua Guatemala, I want to share some of the happy faces I have found in this magical place.
Like the happy vendors above, people in Antigua are happy and consequently, friendly. And how could they not be happy? They enjoy a marvelous weather all year round, not too cold, not too hot, perfect enough to cultivate many of the wide variety of flowers in the country. Thanks to this feature, Antigua is called the land of perpetual roses.
Additionally, thanks to the three majestic volcanoes surrounding the valley, Antigua's soil is so fertile that they also produce one of the best coffees in the Americas, and they also enjoy outstanding gastronomy: traditional, international, contemporary, popular, fancy, bread as only they know how to bake it, candies made by hand following centennial recipes...
I could probably tell you hundreds of personal anecdotes from encounters with the friendly Antigüeños; however, I think that you will enjoy much more the stories you will find, the photos you will see, the focused yet warm approach of Antigua's daily life in, a blog / documentary by Rudy Giron, who is an  Antigüeño and knows how to expose the life as it is for the locals. I am a fan of his work and even though I don't know him personally, he inspires me!
I am doing this just because it is Friday and you will have the entire weekend to explore Rudy's extraordinary blog, of course I  wish to have you back next Monday when I plan to show you some other Sacatepequez towns. Happy weekend!

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