Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Central Market - Level 2

Photo by, used with authorization.
As I mentioned yesterday, today we are going downstairs to the intermediate level, the largest one in the market that is divided in 3 sections: in the north wing meats and poultry; in the middle fruits, vegetables, live plants, and flowers; and in the south wing homemade style food in a wide variety of popular restaurants. If in level one you enjoyed listening, looking, and touching, trust me, in this level all of your senses are going to be awaken.
While visiting the restaurants section, what you will see is popular food, the food that locals eat regularly, and only some of the dishes can be considered traditional typical food. Most of these restaurants are clean and well maintained, so, if you see something that looks appealing, go for it. You might be surprised with the flavors and aromas of natural ingredients cooked right in front of you.
The section in the middle includes the most beautiful, colorful, full of textures and aromas display of fresh fruits and vegetables from all over the country, many of them, items you will never find anywhere else. Be adventurous and try some fruits, they are just to-die-for. And if you do not believe me, enjoy this slide-show with beautiful photos from
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A Journey Through Guatemala - 2010-02-04
My description of this part of the market will not be complete without mentioning the famous Doña Mela's place. Right in the middle of aisles full of vegetables and fruits, you will see a place surrounded by a small crowd. Take a close look of what people there is buying and eating. If you are not fussy with food, you have to try at least one of the many dishes you are going to be presented with, and once again, you might be surprised with unusual yet extraordinary flavors. Click on this video, although the narrative is in Spanish, the images speak for themselves!

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