Tuesday, January 26, 2010

What is the Better Season for our Journey?

One of the wonderful features of Guatemala is the weather. Since I can remember, it is been called Land of Eternal Spring what literally means that we will enjoy a wonderful climate during this journey.

We have to keep in mind that being a tropical country, Guatemala is consistently warm and pleasant, with only two very pronounced seasons: summer (dry) and winter (rainy). The dry season goes from November to April and the rainy season from May to October.
Guatemala is also a mountainous country, and high and low temperatures within vary based on elevation. In general terms, the interior plains and coastal lowlands in Guatemala reach average daily highs near 80°F, with little seasonal change; the lower mountain valley temperatures are in the 65°F range, while the upper elevations average near 40°F.
Weather facts aside, the best season to visit Guatemala should be the one that better meets your interests; for instance, if you want to visit Chichicastenango, you have to be there on Thursday or Sunday since those are the market days and when you will have the opportunity to witness some ancient Maya rituals, or maybe you want to experience first hand the world-famous celebration of the Holy Week in Antigua Guatemala, then you have to plan your trip in advance because when I mentioned world-famous I really meant it.
As we advance in this journey, I am sure we will find not just the perfect season but also the perfect destination.

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